Sunday, February 9, 2014

Northern Thailand Trip Day 1 Part 3

After the long break from Chinese New Year is time to get back and sort out photos of my birding trip at Thailand.
White Capped River Redstart
As soon as we arrive at Doi Ang Khang, this beautiful bird was there waiting to welcome us. White Capped Water Redstart aka River Chat.
Black Breasted Thrush
This shot took me quite a while as this bird don't stop at one place for too long. I have so many blur shots under low lighting and this was pick from among many of the blur shots that I have. Thrush are among the skittish birds perhaps. No exception for this Black Breasted Thrush.
White Tailed Robin
This White Tailed Robin was much 'opened'. He don't mind to stay longer for a glamour shot.
Sooty-headed Bulbul
One of the more common birds at Doi Ang Khang - Sooty Headed Bulbul.
Grey Winged Blackbird
Grey Winged Black Bird! This is my first time seeing one black bird. In fact, a lot of birds in the coming days are also my first sighting! Lots of lifers!
Chestnut Bellied Rock Thrush
Need not mentioned, this is also my first time seeing a Chestnut Bellied Rock Thrush. This bird also appeared in my last posting!
Olive Backed Pipit
Olive Backed Pipit just like Paddy Field Pipit that I familiar but slightly bigger in size.
Grey Bushchat (male)
Another most common bird that I seen for this trip is the Grey Bushchat. This is the male Grey Bushchat.
Grey Bushchat (female)
Female Grey Bushchat.
Cherry Blossom Thailand
Isn't this beautiful... I'm not sure the exact name for these tree but they are known as Thailand Cherry Blossom.
We just celebrated new Chinese New Year and this year is the year of horse. So lovely couple!  :)  (to be continued...)

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