Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Thailand's fishing village - Bang Ta Boon (2)

Both view be it on top of the bridge & under the bridge equally fascinating! Perhaps, this bridge is the most significant landmark for Bang Ta Boon.
Bang Ta Boon, Thailand
What a massive construction to build a bridge across such a big river.
Fishing boat, Thailand
Fisherman are busy at work.
Fishing farm
Lots of birds have taken advantage on the pole from the kelong (Malay word describing a form of offshore platform built predominantly with wood for fishing purposes).
Fishing farm, Thailand
More birds are found around the kelong.
Fishing boat, Thailand
It was a fantastic day out at sea. The sun is about to set and is time we return to the jetty.
Sun set at Bang Ta Boon
I can't remember how many times I have click on my camera's shuttle. It was so beautiful!
Fisherman, Thailand
Is time for fisherman to return with their catches too.
Sun set at Bang Ta Boon
Sun rise to sun set.... it was a fun day out at sea.
Bang Ta Boon
Last shot of terns before it get dark.
Bang Ta Boon
Back to where we started...  (to be continued)

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