Friday, November 15, 2013

Thailand's fishing village - Bang Ta Boon (1)

After a day out at Bangpu watching so many gulls & terns, we drove to another coastal area and ready for more sea birds. We plan to rent a boat & do some birding at the Gulf of Thailand.
Chinese Temple, Bang Ta Boon
We arrived at Bang Ta Boon just after sun-rise.
Bang Ta Boon
Our destination is Bang Ta Boon Bay, and it was situated at the mouth of  Petchburi River.
Street Market, Bang Ta Boon
Is Friday and today is the week-end market day. Since we are going to be out in the sea until sun set, we stock up some snacks from the market. It will be great experience to relax with sea breeze, birding & biting snacks away until sun set!
Street Market, Bang Ta Boon
Different from the actual market, this week end market or farm mart is for the residents/farmers to sell their produces directly to the consumers.
Street Market, Bang Ta Boon
From vege, fish, meat to fruits. You name it, they have it.
Bang Ta Boon Mangrove Learning Resource
There's a mangrove learning resource here at Bang Ta Boon.
Petchburi River Mouth
Petchburi River flow through Kaeng Krachan National Park that I used to visit for birding and the length estimated about 210km.
Petchburi River
The village on the left of the photo is where I will take a boat out to the sea for birding.
The fisherman are collecting the catches from the net on the jetty.
Fish in net

Fisherman's catch

Fisherman's catch
The fishes are segregated based on types & sizes.
Fishing boat
Well, the boat is ready for boarding! Yeah!!... (to be continued)

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  1. I love Kaeng Krachan, I was there a week ago for 5 days, had to cancel it early due to a heavy storm that flooded many places around there;