Sunday, December 16, 2012

Do Not Litter

My last Semakau trip on Saturday, 15 December 2012 was indeed my best trip so far! Despite the delay by thundery shower before the walk, we saw a lot of interesting marine animals!
Prime Minister visit Semakau
This trip was even more special as we get to share the rich marine life of Semakau with our Prime Minister – Mr Lee Hsien Loong.
After getting all our gears, we arrived at the starting point (entry to the inter-tidal area)  and are ready for actions!
The guides from Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research posing in-front of the landfill.
 30 minutes before the scheduled time, dark cloud gather really fast, looks like thundery shower is coming soon.
Dark cloud over Semakau & Bukom
When the hunter seekers (scout team to look for marine animals before the arrival of guests as animals in the wild are not staying at the same place compare to those in the captivity) head out to the shore, the sky is even darker.
It started to rain, and rain very heavy. Luckily, the rain stop after about 45mins and the walk continue as planned.
Heart-shaped cockle
We were sharing with Mr Lee about all the unique animals that we saw at Semakau while waiting for the rain to stop earlier and one of them being the heart shaped cockle. I guess is our lucky day, we found not just one but two of them!
Prime Minister crossing seagrass meadows
 Semakau have the largest  seagrass meadows among the Southern islands.
Prime Minister visit Semakau

 Mr Lee take a closer look at the heart-shaped cockle.
 Posing for a shot with five Singapore largest knobly seastar.
Is been our pleasure to have our Prime Minister with us this afternoon. I would like to take this opportunity to wish Mr & Mrs Lee Hsien Loong a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!
 Message from the PM. Please do not litter, especially in nature areas!(photo from PM's Facebook page)
 Thank you Mr Lee for this lovely photo! (photo from PM's Facebook page)

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