Monday, August 6, 2012

Trip to Semakau with Hwa Chong Institution

In order to know more about marine animals, we can either go diving or visit a marine education aquarium. However, there is another way to learn more about them by visit the inter-tidal area during low tide. RMBR
conducts educational workshop including field trip to Semakau to explore the inter-tidal area during low tide.

Last Sunday, I was the guide for students from Hwa Chong Institution. The weather was good & we saw a lot of animals including some nocturnal animals such as octopus & dog-faced water snake. These are just some of the animals that we saw as I didn't take photo for all our sightings. 
We saw at least 5 of this flat worm stretching from the sea grass lagoon all the way to the coral rubber area.
 This octopus is still roam freely in the day although they are more active at night.
 One usually need to dive in order to see this very rare giant clam. The tide today are low, we get to see it without the need of diving.
 It was a lucky day, we get to see this not so common heart cockle! They usually burrow in the sand thus not easy to spot them.
 My participants have a chance to see one of the largest sea star in Singapore - Knobbly sea star! It was indeed a very fruitful trip!

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