Monday, May 14, 2012

Another Visit to Pasir Ris Park

Situated just next to Pasir Ris Interchange/MRT and is so accessible, Pasir Ris Park remained one of the park that I visited the most to-date. With the board walk that bring visitor deep into the mangrove area, one can visit mangrove without their leg getting muddy.

It has been raining the whole night and it is still drizzling when I visit the park on Sunday morning.
 This tree must have been struck by lightning!!
Not just one side, but both side of the tree trunk was affected!
With the weather getting hotter, most migratory birds already on their way back to their breeding ground. The park remained as busy with all the resident birds such as this Spotted Dove
Common Flame-Backed Woodpecker
There are lots of flying dragon in the garden too.
 Re-introduced, once extinct orchid was seen blooming on one of the tree trunk - Bulbophylium medusae.
 I cross over to the Boardwalk and lots of Tree Climbing crabs are out for feeding. Tree Climbing crabs are also known as Vinegar crabs as they are pickled in vinegar & black sauce to go with porridge.

Tree Climbing crabs are primarily leaf-eaters and they are known to attack propagules, as such are seen as pets of mangroves. They will also scavenge for  meat if there are any!


  1. Great pictures.. love taking pics to of nature especially small animals and wild flowers! hope to visit singapore soon!!!

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