Monday, March 19, 2012

Raptor Watch 2012

I have been hearing about this special event for more than 10 years and this is the 1st time I'm attending this annual nature wonders. The very first Raptor Watch was held way back in year 2000! Raptor Watch is now one of the biggest eco-tourism in Malaysia!
Since this is my first visit there, after getting a few friends we decided to stay at the resort where the event was held - Ilham Resort! Not the best option in terms of economy. But is where the event was being held, so the convenience really cost a lot more.
We timed our arrival one day earlier to avoid the crowd so that I can explore the inter-tidal area. The last time I visited here was more than 2 decades ago!!
Corals & crabs can be seen during this hot afternoon. But I'm more interested in the army that will emerge in short while...
Saw the 1st one...
and soon the whole army emerge from no where!! It was a very unique experience to be swarmed by thousands & thousands of small little crabs! You may watch the video here from my earlier post.
Lots of activities going on at the main event area and this is also a good opportunity to try out new camera, new bino or simply find out more about other nature area that is available both local or in the region.
I'm particularly interested to find out more about birding in Taiwan.
There are lots of IBA (Important Bird Areas) in Taiwan with many endemic bird species! I will have a hard time deciding where to start... :)

Some of the endemic birds of Taiwan.
While on our way to the highlight of the event which is happening at the Tanjung Tuan Lighthouse just next to the resort aA brief direction of the migratory path was shown on the sign next to the lighthouse.

After 10 minutes or so, we finally reach the lighthouse!!

It was a super hot day and see how my friends try to hide from the sun...
Other than raptors, this place is also a good area to watch this cute leaf monkeys. Looking forward to the next Raptor Watch in 2013!!

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