Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Oriental Honey Buzzard

Oriental Honey Buzzard (Pernis ptilorhyncus) is quite common and can be seen in many part of Singapore during migratory period.
I saw one in Pasir Ris last week in a windy morning. This buzzard perch quite high up on the tree. Since is quite windy, the tree sway from time to time. This buzzard must have loose her balance while trying to jump to a higher branch.

The buzzard use her feathers (primaries) to gain back the balance. I believe this has caused the feathers to wear faster.

The buzzard managed to jump to a higher branch at last.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Butterfly Galore at Pasir Ris Park

Further to my earlier post on the mass feeding/pollination by butterflies & other insects, here are more butterflies taken on last Sunday. I'm not too familiar with butterfly, do let me know if I got the id wrong.
This butterfly looks like a Autumn Leaf (Doleschallia bisaltide australis)
Striped Black Crow (Euploea eyndhovii gardineri)
Dark Glassy Tiger (Parantica agleoides agleoides)
Peacock Pansy
Painted Jezebel

Lemon Emigrant
And also lots of other insects...