Monday, October 3, 2011

Spotted House Gecko

It has been raining the whole night and the weather starts to clear a bit in the late morning. I went over to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve for my birding trip while it was still drizzling. There are lots of Long-tailed macaque at the car park, some of them sitting on top of the parked vehicles! They should look for food in the forest and not at the carpark. .As I make my way to the Hindhede Trail, I saw a lizard of about 20cm crawling not too far in front of me. Upon closer look, it was a Spotted House Gecko (Gekko monarchus)! This gecko suppose to be a nocturnal animal. Perhaps it was forced to look for food after the overnight rain? The close-up photo of the gecko's leg looks like a dragon's palm! :)

It was a rather shy animal and run to hide and take cover upon seeing me in this tiny gap.

I manage to take a full body shot before it go hiding.

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