Sunday, October 30, 2011

Semakau Exploration with Bedok View Sec

I was at Semakau again 3 days after the last trip. I was the guide for students from Bedok View Sec, a group of young, enthusiastic and fun people. We are glad the weather was good and the hunter seeker did a very good job. We saw a lot of very interesting animals that can only be seen by divers! However, due to the spring low tide, we manage to see them during the short period of time when the tide are low.
Group photo on the shore of Semakau!

Seize that moment! Capture this special moment with camera, the sun will drop below the horizon in no time!

More group photo!
One of the many interesting animal that we saw - Head Shield bug (Chelidonura pallida)

Thanks to Ms Goh & her students, I have a great trip too! :)

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