Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Can't Decide What Camera to Buy?

Ever got confused with all the different types of digital camera on the shelf and every manufacturer claim that theirs the best?

Got this illustration from ST Digital Life on today's paper. Hopefully it give you some idea on which type of camera you think is best suit you.
Other than the 4 major types of sensors available, there is actually another type - Full Frame camera. The sensor size is based on 35mm film roll. This type of sensor are used on Pro/Semi-Pro camera. The camera I'm using for most of the shots on this blog belong to this category.

If you just want a not so heavy, yet powerful enough to let you manually set some or all setting while shooting, my opinion is go for Micro four third camera. This type of camera have wide range of lenses that you can use & smaller than APS-C or DX cameras.

Happy shooting!

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