Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Giant African Snails

Native to Madagascar or East Africa, Giant African Snails were introduced to many countries and usually considered a pest. Probably the most familiar species of Land Snails to people in Singapore. The adult giant African snails prefer rotting vegetable matter and may even scavenge for carrion and feaces.

These snails are commonly encountered crawling on garden paths and pavements at night.

Reference : Singapore Biodiversity .
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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Admiralty Park - North Most Park of Singapore

Located not far from the Causeway - the 1st road link between Singapore & Peninsula Malaysia, Admiralty Park is the north most park of Singapore. Admiralty Park consist of several different habitats, a river, mangrove, secondary forest, grassland & a fresh water pond. This is also a good place for birding too!
An Ashy tailorbird was seen near the mangrove area
White throated kingfisher taking the top of the pole as a vantage point before hunting
The weather today is really hot, these sparrows is taking cover too.
A beautiful White-eye
An female Olive-backed sunbird
Asian Glossy Starling
Another curious sparrow looking at my camera
A not so welcome 'wildlife' & pest too.
Other than birds, this park is also home to many insects & flowers.

This chick was seen running around the ginger plants.

Dose this look like the famous bridge across River Kwai??
If you are visiting Admiralty Park, don't miss out the Waterfront that just across the road after the Admiralty Park. The building at the back is no longer Singapore but Johor Bahru of Malaysia.
I really wish that visitors do not leave behind any rubbish.
Is quite a hazy day...
Kite flying is not allowed as stated on the sign, perhaps is too close to Tengah Airbase?

Friday, August 12, 2011

Dairy Farm

Is been a while since I last visited Dairy Farm. I revisited Dairy Farm on the National Day morning. Arrived there about 7am and spent about 2 hours.
I have no idea what fruits is this. Looks like a pear to me...

1st bird that I saw is this Banded woodpecker perch very high up the tree.

Is always nice to see Malkoha in Singapore! Is been a while I last seen a wild Chestnut bellied malkoha in Singapore!

Leaf birds are usually difficult to spot due to their colour that blend perfectly with the surrounding. However, this pair of Blue-winged leaf birds are just too difficult to miss without the usual leaves for them to blend with.

Saw this juvenile Dollar bird also perch high up on a tree branch.
This pair of Striped-tit babbler jumping from branch to branch actively looking for food.
These flock of Scaly breasted munia with half of them juvenile feeding on the grass seeds.
Soon, Barn swallow will join these Pacific swallow when the migratory season starts.

The landscape and the biodiversity of this area will change in few years time when the construction of ecolink is completed. Currently Bukit Timah & the Central Catchment Nature Reserves are split to 2 by the BKE. When the ecolink is ready, the wildlife will be able to cross freely from one side to another!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

NDP of Different Kind

National Day of Singapore is just around the corner. Prior to the actual day, as usual there will be lots of rehearsal & pre-view before the actual National Day Parade (NDP).

Last Saturday, while the pre-view is being conducted at Marina area, there is another patriotic group are having their own NDP of different kind.

The participants gather at the open field before the rehearsal starts.

The 'supervisors' (Cattle egrets) are busy running up & down to get everyone into formation.


Although no fireworks, the highlight of the event is the inspection of the latest machinery! :)

Every participants get to feast on the free insects buffet that was flushed out by the gigantic grass cutting machine!