Sunday, July 31, 2011

Little Terns Hover & Dive To Hunt

I was having a intertidal walk with NUS High students at Pulau Hantu this morning and we chance upon a Little Terns hover & plunge dive to hunt.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Durian Fest at Gunung Pulai

Situated about 20km from Johor Bahru, Gunung Pulai is one of the many popular week end outing destination for locals and among Singaporean too!

Few of us decided to pay a visit to this mountain that is visible from Singapore too last Saturday. Driving from Singapore took slightly more than an hour. We set off early in the morning and arrived at the entrance of Gunung Pulai around 6.45am.
The car park is already half filled when we arrived. When we step out of the car, I smells my favourite fruit - durian!!! Before we starts our trekking up the mountain I already have plan after the walk. That is to enjoy my favourite fruits from the original source! Haaa....
We slowly make our way up the mountain that is 700m high. The entire trail is about 5km & there is a waterfall there too. It was a very pleasant walk, the air is fresh, the birds are chipping everywhere and most importantly, the people there are very, very friendly! Although is our first time there, we are like walking in the garden of neighbourhood. There is no strangers, everyone that we met along the way will smile & greet each other!
As we need to return to Singapore before 1.30pm, we didn't walk to the summit. We stay around 1km mark of the trail for birding. Although we spent just about 2 hours there, we saw lots of birds.
There are lots of fruits tree around the car park. Such as this mangostine tree.
Star fruits
Rambutans!!! And the fruits are so low that you can just pluck it when it is ripe.
and durian tree!
Before we head back to Singapore, we have these durians fresh from the tree. What a fulfilling trip. :)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

You Are On Your Own!

A juvenile White-bellied Sea Eagle trying to secure the area by chasing away the competitors... grey herons.

I seen many times that the sea eagle mob by crows. This is my first time seeing the eagle harassing grey herons that almost the same size.