Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Street Fighters

Competition for food, for space or simply for mate? Perhaps Javan Myna simply just like to fight? It is not difficult to see Javan myna involved in 'gang fight' and I have seen it many times. This time round, I managed to capture them in actions with my camera. The fight involved 4 birds and I presume they are 2 couples. When I saw this 2 birds trying to show others that they are bigger, I know they are fighting soon and my guess is correct.
One of the bird just charge to the other couple without warning.
The fight is on!!
The other 2 birds that not involve in the fight just cheer those in the fight.
They fight from ground to the air!!At last all 4 join the fight! A really messy gang fight!
The fight started without any warning and ended without any winner or looser. Perhaps fighting is their way of community bonding?? :)

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