Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Rufous Woodpecker's Tongue

I always wonder how exactly did the woodpecker get the insects out of tree branches. Did they really peck on the tree branches until the insects are exposed and then consume it?

Some of my doubts are answered when I got the chance upon a Rufous Woodpecker (Celeus brachyurus). The woodpecker start to peck on the branch and after a while, it uses the tongue to do the finishing kill.
This crack on the branch gave the woodpecker a easier meal.
No doubt that the tongue play a very important role in woodpeckers' feeding behavior. However, I still have no clue on how exactly did they use their tongue to catch their preys. Do they have a sticky tongue like the lizards and use it to 'stick' their preys?

Perhaps video recording will help...

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