Monday, August 16, 2010

Birding, Bali??

Birding at Bali?? Few years back the answer is no but situation are changing. One significant improvements will be the missing of cage bird trade from the market. Few years ago, wild birds are openly sold at market despite the ban.

I was at Bali last week and my guide told me that wild birds trade in market have been banned and no longer allowed. This explained why I couldn't find any stall that use to sell all kinds of wild birds in the market. With this improvements, the wild birds population will sure to increase.

However, while I was on the way to Mt Batur from Ubud for birding, I saw this small shop that still sell wild birds! Not sure the owner obtain the necessary approval.
Saw this Pied Bushchat at Mt Batur.

Spotted dove was very common and can be seen even in the hotel that we stayed.
Another common bird in the garden, Olive-backed sunbird.

Scaly-breasted munia is also very common and saw lots of nestling too.
Yellow-vented bulbul

Sooty-headed bulbul

Java munia

At Petulu, lots of cattle egret and herons are nestling.
Red junglefowl is also very common in remote area.

According to the villagers that I spoke to, cock fighting is history now. The fighting cock is now only as their pet.

With the enforcement from the Authority, Bali is sure on the way to become another birding area.


  1. great pictures!

    alangkah indahnya jika saudara juga muatkan nama tempatan sabah bagi burung2 ini... kami amat menghargainya ! :) teruskan usaha murni mu..!

  2. saya ada di Kinabatangan September 09. saya pasti akan kembali ke sana untuk burung-burung yang cantik dan orang utang!!

  3. manta...

    orang utan la..hi hi hi..

  4. haaa! utan! baik bukan hutang!! :)

  5. orang hutang all a different stories already...hihihihihi....