Monday, February 1, 2010

Lesser Adjutant - Jewel of Parit Jawa

This was my 2nd visit to Parit Jawa a small fishing village in the State of Johor, Southern Malaysia. Parit Jawa is famous among the local and also Malaysia with their unique cuisine 'Asam fish' (a special dish prepare with fresh fish and tamarind). People travel from all over Malaysia just to have a taste of this very famous delicacy.

Other than the famous delicacy, Parit Jawa is also a good place for birding.

Tiny yet beautiful Pacific swallow.
Different type of shore birds sharing the same perching place during high tide.
Another common scene at Parit Jawa is the busy fishing boat. These are the fishing boat that provide Parit Jawa all the fresh fish for the famous delicacy - Asam Fish
Brahminy Kite
Another interesting formation.
If you are looking for some action shoots, Parit Jawa is the place you won't want to miss. From tiny waders to egrets. Not forgetting the magnificent 'bald storks' - Lesser Adjutant (Leptoptilos javanicus)
During my guiding on Nature Walks, I always tell the participants that the chance to see certain animals on the guide sheet is very high but I can't guarantee as they move about and we are going to the nature not aquarium.
Although Parit Jawa is known to be the strong hold for Lesser Adjutant, I can't find any until 2 hours later when I was about to leave, they start to fly in.
I was so happy to see this 1st Lesser Adjutant.
More and more coming in and I even spot one of them hunting!
So nature is unpredictable...never assume they will always be there!

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