Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Walk at Chinese Garden

Although cattail plants are more related to aquatic, they also use wind to disperse their seeds. This is what we saw when we arrived at Chinese Garden last Sunday.
Isn't is beautiful?
This plantain squirrel was jumping from one tree to another searching for food near the entrance to the park.
Just when we are about to enter the garden, a flock of Milky Stork flew pass our head!We saw this Tailor bird when we enter the garden.
So as this 'jumping' myna bird. Lots of activities going on near the water too. This dragonfly busy laying eggs.
Damselfly - another good subject for photography too.
Found this Rock Pigeon with one missing leg. Not sure if it was born deformed or caused by injuries.
There are lots of Koi fish in the pond, all their colour are so vibrant! Some of the top breed are worth more than $10,000 per fish!
Saw quite a few number of Yellow bittern in the garden.
There are also Common Sand Piper in the garden however, the number are small compare to Sungei Buluh.
This Black Crown Night Heron are so well camouflage near the Sea Hibiscus plant.
Chinese Garden probably have the highest number of Cattle Egret at any one time in Singapore. There are lots of Water hen in the garden too. I didn't expect to see so many interesting birds in the garden. This place really worth to come back to explore.

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