Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy New Year - 2010

2009 is almost come to an end as the countdown begins for 2010. It has been a fruitful year for me in 2009. I started birds watching/photography upgraded my camera and visited 3 countries with different biodiversity and cultures.

I travelled to Taiwan in April, follow by Bali in May, September to Borneo & late November to Japan. This really widens my perspective and brings my love of nature to the next level.

I’m impressed with the people in Taiwan the way they handle the Purple Milkweed Butterfly migration. All kinds of activities were organized to create the awareness of conservations.

More about my trips in Taiwan here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 & Part 4.
Signs of human intervention are affecting the nature even deep in the rain forest. Everybody have a part to plays and not just depend on the authority. The young monkey is having fun with the empty shampoo bottle.

In Japan, the migratory Whooper Swans are welcome and treated as VIP.

I wish to thanks CS Ling for introducing me into the world of birds of photography and all the tips on getting it started. Through her sharing of knowledge and passion, bird photography has become part of my main activities during any field trip. I am also volunteered in Project Semakau and a new sea star was found on the launch date of Project Semakau!
This blog was set up in Jan 2007 and is your supports that keep me going. A quick look at the statistic of my blog (courtesy of Nuffnang) show that more than 64% of my readers came form area outside of Singapore! This is certainly amazing! Thank you once again for all your supports. This shows that we have one of the biggest assets – Nature! Sadly, this also show that people from outside of Singapore seems to appreciate our nature more than we do!

Generally, the conservations awareness in Singapore can be better. There are lots of “Nature” Lovers in Singapore that visit nature spots taking photographs. Is good that there are people do noticed the presence of nature beauties in Singapore. However, this love can turn out to be destructive as well! There are people that only care about taking a 100% perfect shot to the extent that ignore the comfort and the well being of the animals they are photographing. Some unacceptable behavior including but not limited to using of flash on animals, forcing animals to go out of normal position for photo taking and some even destroy the protections/habitats of the animals to get their dream shot such as cut open the nest to take the juveniles’ photos! If we really love nature, don’t forget to respect them.

Hopefully with more & more likewise blogger blog about our already limited nature, hopefully the awareness among Singaporean can be further increased.

Wish all my readers a wonderful year of 2010!


  1. I discovered your blog this year, and have thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you for the photos and information you post, and do please keep it up! Happy New Year to you too.

  2. Hi Tony, Thanks for dropping by and all your supports. Wish you a wonderful year a head!

    Samson Tan

  3. mantamola this is sad about us being such a predators to nature, the monkey example is an excellent example. Anna :)