Saturday, August 29, 2009

Kite Festival 2009

Received an invitation from Olympus Singapore for the photo shoot out at West Coast Park about two weeks ago. Since I have never shoot in this kind of activities, so I sign up for the trip.
We meet at Olympus studio for refreshment and some tips on photography, we set off at 3.00pm by coach to West Coast Park. It was a very hot afternoon, quite challenging to shoot in this kind of harsh condition but if you did, you got a nice blue sky!
This is the 1st photo that I shoot. Long strand of kite with the nice blue sky.
I like this very colourful frame.Another shot around the same area but with man in action.
This is the widest angle that I can get since I don't have a fish eye lens. Just look at the number of kites on the sky!Another try on fish eye effect without fish eye lens.Every body can fly a kite, no problem at all for this boy!
All kinds of shape and form that fly high at West Coast Park this afternoon. Such as this monster/dragon.
Not flying carpet but flying mattress.Merlion, squid,...
Not forgetting shark!Entanglement?
Everyone with a smiling face. A very hot and happy afternoon indeed.
While I was busy shooting, there are stage performance playing traditional Balinese music. I must say that I'm surprise to find out that the performance are by a group of people that the least I will expect them to play. I will upload some of the video once I have converted it.
I'm very happy with today shooting, nice weather, brilliant colour, and nice performance! Thanks Olympus for organising this trip, Act 3 International for organising this event & the sponsor NTUC Income!


  1. I have to tell you the kite festival is one amazing event. Those kites are so artistic, and love they way you photographed the event. The pictures are nice and crisp. Thanks for sharing this nice post. Anna :)

  2. Hi Anna - Yes! The event is an amazing one. Taking the superb colour with the harsh back approriate mid-tone area for metering is just another exictment for photography! :-)

  3. mantamola thanks for the tip :). Anna :)

  4. Kite Festival Singapore is presented by ACT 3 International and sponsored by NTUC Income.