Monday, August 17, 2009

Birding at Bishan Park

CS Ling got her 500mm lens last week so we decided to try it out at Singapore Botanic Garden. We starts our trip on the Bukit Timah Core but later decided to move to Bishan Park when the weather changed and starts drizzling. I saw this pair of Sunda pygmy wood pecker pecking on the tree trunk for breakfast.
This oil palm tree seem to be support a variety of animals of the park which include this squirrel.
Below the tree was this Magpie Robin bird that like to sing.The Asian glossy staring also pick on the palm fruit that left behind and drop to the ground by the long tail parakeets on the tree.
Competition for foods is fierce on the tree too. These 2 parakeets are fighting for this bunch of oil palm fruits.
On the other side of the park, this squirrel is having fun with this sign.
The weather changed and it started to drizzle so we decided to move to Bishan Park to continue our exploration.This was the first bird that we saw when we arrived at Bishan Park - a nice flower pecker!The Sunda pygmy woodpecker are found at Bishan Park too.
The Common lora was feeding on the fruits that is abundance in the park.
A very cute White eye bird is feeding too.
This Dollar bird perched high on the tree top looking for flying insects for food.
Do you have a feeling of autumn with this thick layer of dried leaf on the floor?
The dark cloud starts forming over Bishan area so we end our trip with comparing the 2 lenses. Just look at the huge 500mm lens compare with the 80-400mm lens on the right!


  1. Hopefully this young lady has strength to carry this big lens, amazing may be one day I will get one. Now my 100-400mm looks small, lol. Anna :)

  2. Hi Anna, she is doing fine! And let's wait till 2nd September to look at the photo she took!