Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wild Night at Semakau

We have a real fun evening last week end at Semakau after the Project Semakau Transect Survey.
It happens that it was a full dress rehearsal for NDP, we got to see some of the actions from Semakau too!
Besides the NDP show, we have beautiful sun-set, clear blue sky with the moon in sight too! A nice & cooling sea breeze, wow is one of the best venue to have BBQ!
When the sky get darker, some even starts to dance under the beautiful moonlight. With naked eye, the moon appear like a crescent. Using my camera with some zoom, the whole moon can be seen!
The darker part (covered by the earth) can be seen clearly when I took this shot with longer exposure.
When I change the setting, I can even see the crater on the moon surface! Wow! A camera can really change our perspective towards the moon!
The photo above was taken in Semaku too! We do have places in Singapore where light pollution is minimum and have the effect like at the Savannah!
With minimum light pollution, star trails photography is possible too. The photo above was taken with 4 mins exposure. Once the exposure are extended to at least 30 mins, you will have really nice star trails photo! I also taken some shots on fireflies! You can read more about it here.Well, from the expression of these people... Semakau Rocks!!!

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