Saturday, May 16, 2009

Reef Walk at Bali

Bali is one of the best place for diving/surfing and many holiday makers. I visit Bali for the 4th time last week. Other than diving, I have also explored the inter-tidal area during low tide to look at the beautiful reef without putting on the diving gears.

The biodiversity there is simply amazing! Below are just some of the animals that I saw and they are just too many to include all. I will just pick some of the creatures that 'not so common' during reef walk in Singapore.

Closer to the shore, I saw this Diadema savignyi urchin. There are also lots of Diadema setosum which I did not include in the photo.
This beautiful orange colour urchin probably a Mespilia globulusThis could be a Tripneustes gratilla sea urchin.A Stegopontonia commensalis shrimp can also be found just at the inter-tidal area!I'm not too sure about the id of this white urchin. Could it be Salmacis?This urchin may be beautiful and it is also consider one of the very venomous sea urchin and is called Toxopneustes pileolus or flower sea urchin.Another beautiful sea urchin Astropyga radiataRock boring sea urchin.
One of the many Banded Sea Urchin that can be found among the seagrass.There are also lots of brittle star that I have no idea of their id.Another surprise find, a Linckia multiflora sea starLinckia laevigata blue sea star that also usually can be seen only when diving.
2 small Echinaster luzonicus sea star and another 7 arm of the same sea star.
Not too sure about this sea star with one arm bitten off.2 probably thick-skinned Sea Star - Echinaster callosus
The knobbly (Protoreaster nodosus) sea star is just every where!This Ghost shrimp was attracted by my camera and decided to come out to take a look from the burrow.
Anemone shrimp
Another shrimp that I saw in one of the tidal pool.Wow! Beautiful Helmut shell and is alive!
This Olive shell is burrowing upon sensing my presence.I also saw this Milebe nudi among the sea grass.Key hole sand dollars is quite common here.Saw this pipefish with the head of a alligator shape.A very cute baby puffer fish that half bloated.I initially thought that this is a flatworm but later realise that is a flounder. Can you spot the two eyes on the right?Saw this fish that looks like a Cockatoo waspfish.
I even saw a lion fish without even diving. This place is amazing!Another beautiful Dwarf lionfish that was found among the sea grass!
A stranded yellow-striped cardinal fish?Another fish that usually can be seen only during diving - eel.A juvenile Vagabond butterflyfishA very beautiful hermit crabThe side view of this spider crab really looks like a frog.Zosimus aeneus reed crab.
This crab have a very beautiful red colour on the carapace.A pebble crab
This Moon crab can disappear in just a slit of second. All the legs of moon crabs are in paddle shape that can help the crab burrow in a very short time.An unknown reef worm.
I have planned for this trip the first time when I went to Bali few years back for diving. This is probably one of the biggest inter-tidal area that I ever explored. This place really worth to go back there and visit over and over again!

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