Sunday, February 22, 2009

Urban Nature Tour at Historical Town of Malacca

Thanks to Channel 8's TV drama 小娘惹 the story of Peranakan which were shot at Malacca. Malacca is now one of the favourite week-end trip for many fans to experience themselves the food, the place & the history of Peranakan.If you have visited Malacca, you will never miss the beautiful flowers that were planted everywhere you go.
Well, the minutes I arrived at Malacca, I straight away go and check out the White Bellied Sea Eagle that I saw last year.
She has grown bigger now! That is good!
However, the nuisance by the house crow continues... Hopefully their next generation are doing well and have started another family some where.
Being a lazy photographer, I always leave my tripod at home... guess I'm not a bird photographer... ha haThe next time I visit here, I must make sure I carry my tripod to get clearer shot. ha ha

Some of the flowers that I took and there are many more that you got to explore yourself to find out. Include the rare Hoya flowers.Different kind of fruits...and not forgetting cicak (house lizard).

Malacca have more to offer other than the rich history and cultural. Is a good place to enjoy nature without going to FOREST! You can easily finds butterfly, birds, dragonfly, flowers, etc that has became less common in Singapore.

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