Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Shore of Manado Island

I was away last week to Manado for my long awaited dive trip. However, this posting is not on my dive experience but rather on the things I saw while not diving. All the photos below are taken out of water without getting wet.
I walk to the jetty after dinner to see any interesting critters after sun set. When I shine my tourch at the water, all kinds of plankton attracted by light and soon gather around the area under my torch.
First is the very tiny insects like plankton and follow by larger tranlucent shrimp like critters.
Soon, the ribbon worm were also attracted not sure by the plankton or my light.
There are lots of climber crabs on the side of the wall.
Cowry and cone snails also can be seen every where.
Hermit crabs and some even carry two large anemones on their back for protection.
I'm shock to see this juvenile mooray eel here.
Juvenile cat fish gather in big school to confuse their predators to increase the chances of surviving.
Not to mention sea urchin and juvenile scorpion fish. I also found lots of juvenile sole fish, lion fish and even stone fish. What interest me the most is able to see the banded boxer shrimp (cleaner shrimps) in actions.
I dip my satay stick (from my dinner earlier) in the water and almost immediately the shrimp came forward to offer me his service.
The shrimp start to clean my satay stick that I offered.
It only took less than a minute to clean up my satay stick.
Well, after the cleanng service, I was offer a free show perform by this pair of boxer shrimps. The larger shrimp (with blue colour, female) take the lead start to stroke the male...
They than move closer to their home... and here's the clip showing their courtship...

After the courtship, they move to their home sweet home to continue the unfinished business...

So the next time when you go to any holiday resort that near the beach, check it out at night. You might something interesting!

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