Monday, October 1, 2007

Semakau Walk on 28 September 07

The GV(Green Volunteer) of HSBC is bringing a group of visitors to Semakau to visit the only landfill left in Singapore and to walk in the tidal area and understand how urbanisation and conservations can work hand in hand.

It has been 2 months since I last visited Semakau. Ed, TC, July & myself are more than happy to go to the tidal area a head of the visitors to look for the rich bio-diversity on the shore next to Singapore’s only landfill. Super low tide has shifted to evening as we are entering the 3rd quarter of 2007. With this changes, we should be able to watch the sun-set instead of sun rise as with the earlier walks. This is the beauties of tidal walk at Semakau, you’ll be able to see different things during different time of the year.

As with all tropical countries, we have only one ‘summer’ season throughout the year. However, walking on the trail full with dry leaves really give me a feeling that autumn is coming.As soon as we are at the tidal area, I was attracted to this rare heart shape cockle. The heart cockle that we found today is much smaller than all the previous that we found. Which also means that the heart cockle is producing!
This Noble volute is busy laying eggs. I found another volute, look at the beautiful patterns on the shell...I found also found this seaweed not to far from the volute. Isn't it pretty? Is my first time to notice this seaweed.As we explore further, we saw this spider conch, stonefish sea cucumber, this is the unique stonefish sea cucumber calcareous anal teeth that used to prevent invaders when they take in water for oxygen.beautiful cowrie, a very bright orange spotted gymnodoris nudibranch and a very poisonous phyllidia pustulosa nudibranchThis swimming crab was playing with a cockle and trying to crush it when I spotted herRed egg craband another special crab that carry with them their 'built-in' spoon on their pincer to scrap algae off the rocks for feeding. Also saw this very beautiful aneones coral.

Before we know it, the sun is off duty soon. What a beautiful way to end today’s walk and say good bye...

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