Saturday, October 6, 2007

Predator or Disease?

During our recent walk at Semakau, noticed that strange things is happening on the Knobbly Sea Star. The sea star either experiencing some disease or some other predator are preying on them.These are the Knobbly that we found on our last week walk at Semakau. After examing the photos, The Knobbly that we found on 28 & 30 could be the same one. The specimen found on the 29 is really in a horrible state. All the five limbs are either bitten off or due to parasite.Photo on top showing missing 'knob' and the open wounds.

This photo show a different conditions of the wounds. These on looks like marks leave behind by predator.... We have no clue on what is happening. Ron was saying could be due to giant puffer fish... some of the wounds looks like sign of parasite of flesh eating bug may be??

Whatever is it, it certainly not a good sign. Anyone ever encounter this before and would like to share?

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