Monday, October 1, 2007

Another day at Semakau 29 Sep 07

After a fruitful day at Semakau yesterday, I’m ready to go Semakau again for another tidal walk. I’ll share my experience with 10 others nature lovers which called the ‘Stingray Group’.

After a short walk through the forest, we are out at the inter-tidal area. Situated opposite a busy refinery, is hosted thousands of amazing animals which have long disappear from Singapore mainland. Semakau is also one of the last natural shores that remains in Singapore.

The group busy discussing and observing fiddle crabs weaving their enlarged arms that occupied the space under the raised prop root of this mangrove tree. Only the male fiddler crabs have the enlarged pincer mainly to attract female and fighting.

I’m not sure of the id of this crab.Believe to be from the genus Macrophthalmus crabs that having a long stalks eye to enable them a 360 degree view to look out for predators.

We stop near the sea grass lagoon to look at the common sea stars. Taking a closer look at the tube feet of this common sea star. Sea star should not be taken out of water for too long, taking them out of water is like loosing blood on humans.

We saw this thorny sea cucumber on the path at the middle of the sea grass lagoon. We move it to the side to prevent others from accidentally stepping on it while crossing the lagoon.

Aanother 2 different sea cucumber, sandfish sea cucumber on top and Ocellated sea cucumber with lots of ‘big eyes’.

Other interesting creatures that we saw includes flatworm, moon crab, a very tiny sea horse, octopus We are very lucky to see this blue spotted fan tail ray - thats the name of tour group!
We also spotted this super tiny frog fish (the length is less than 1cm from head to tail)And not forgetting to take a group picture with Knobbly Sea Star before we end the walk for today.

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