Sunday, July 29, 2007

BBQ @ Semakau

It has been raining for the past few night and we really need a break from the wet spells as we are having another outdoor activity at Semakau. We are back to Semakau tonight but not for the tidal walk. Instead, we are having a BBQ at Semakau. You might ask, huh? Isn't Semakau a landfill area?? You are right! Semakau is Singapore only landfill and is now opened for recreational activities too. Check NEA website for details. More info about activities available at Semakau.

The BBQ tonight mainly to thank Mr Poi, our friendly NEA staff that will be retiring on 3 August. We are holding a BBQ party for him at Semakau. (Mr Poi in red polo tee, in the photo below)
Is still bright when we arrive at Semakau Island. There's a wind turbine at the back of this photo which will provide us the renewable energy to light up this area when the night fall.
Is a dirty job but somebody just got to do it...... Robert volunteer to start the fire and use his hand to hold the charcoal without using tong.

While waiting for the food, isn't it beautiful just relax at this most Southern part of Singapore?
Is full moon tonight, another beautiful scenic view of Semakau.

The refinery over at Bukom light up the skies at night.
Just when the food ready while we are enjoying our dinner, the fireworks from the NDP preview also started.

Southern islands of Singapore is another alternative to watch NDP fireworks.
At the end of the fireworks show, big cloud of smoke that left behind are clearly visible from a distance. Will this contribute to the global warming too? Hopefully some genius can find the alternative material to reduce the release of unwanted by products that will add on to the global warming problem in the near future.

We just can't help but explore the area after the dinner. mmmm is the beautiful mushroom! Mushrooms are not plant but fungi. The low temperature due to the rain over the last few days have triggered their growth. Not sure if our teacher July going to blog about it? He will sure to have more discovery notes for us, if he decided to blog about it.

I wonder why Helen ask all of us for our torch light. She actually use all the available torch to create this luminous mushroom. Didn't expect the result on photo come out so beautiful. She use the torch to shine on the mushroom to get this effect.

The moon looks so BIG tonight at Semakau. Is has been very long time since I last take a close look at the moon.

This also reminds me of all the beautiful legends and stories about moon. I was once puzzled when I was young, why the moon keep following me no matter where I go....
We also took this opportunity to celebrate with 2 of the Semakau guide that having their birthday on the month of July.

Hapy Birthday to Ron & TC.
A non traditional group photo at Semakau (without the iconic knobbly sea star, group photo of Semakau guides, NEA staff and friends) before we return to mainland at the jetty. Thanks everybody for making this BBQ an unforgetable event and all the best to Mr. Poi.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Orchid Botanica @ TTSH

New Orchid Botanica garden was officially opened today.

Entrance to the orchid garden.
New orchid hybrid of the garden.