Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Ubin Walk 24 June 07

It was a perfect Sunday for a good outdoor activities. Tall coconut trees + blue skies = tropical paradise. Yes, I was at Ubin again last Sunday. We make our way slowly from the jetty to Nordin Beach and take our own sweet times to look at the plants, insect & animals that disappear long time ago over at the mainland Singapore mainly due to our modern living!
Is the Durian season again. Is durian every where... some were right on top of the road! There's a myth about durian. According to the grandmother story - durian got 'eyes'. They will not falls on human's head. Have you ever heard of someone got hit by falling durian??

Rambutans are turning red too...

This is the 'fruit' of rubber tree. When the seeds are mature and dry enough, it will just explode and disperse the seeds to the ground.
Not sure what fruits or plant is this.
Photo above showing Ants plant (Dischidia major). This plant has two leaf forms - round fleshy leaf and specialized hollow leaf. A tiny hole at the base of the hollow leaf provide entrace to ants and in return ants bring in organic debris that in turn becomes food for the plant.
This moth/butterfly has a very unique pattern on the back. Looks like a lipstick marks!
There are many different types of insects on the island.
And spiders too. The spider above is having her big breakfast!!
Got to see this beautiful wood pecker in action.
We saw this startling fluorescent green Oriental Whip Snake.
A closer look at this beautiful snake.
There are lots of Onch slug at Nordin beach.
Fiddler crab that only 'surface' during low tide for their meal. They will just go burrow and breath on the trapped air bubble in their burrow. Both photos above are male - male will have one extra large pincer for courtship and defence. However, they can't use the enlarged pincer for feeding.
Not sure what crab is this.

We slowly make our way back to jetty after we take a few minutes break at Nordin beach. We meet up with Ron & CH (they finish guiding the Sensory Trail few minutes ago and are waiting for us to go for lunch together.) We have our wonderful lunch at Ubin before taking the ferry back to Changi Jetty... mmhhh yummy yummy!