Monday, April 16, 2007

Khatib Bongsu - so much more to explore, to experience...

This is Part 2 of our adventures at one of the last kampung of Singapore.

If you are thinking of taking nice shot of all the beautiful insect, go early in the morning. Besides the cooling temperature, most importantly, the model (the insect) are not so active and you can take you own sweet time to take the best shot.

One of my favourate subject, water droplets... always give me a very refreshing feel

Most important elements of all living things on earth - sunlightThis tiny Scarlet-backed Flowerpecker try to swallow this big cherry
Night Heron resting on the prop roots of Rhizophora spp

Enjoying Big Breakfast...1st half of the photo showing this amazing spider in a horizontal well camouflage that it don't looks like a spider at all. Only when it change position that we can tell is a spider.

Since Spiderman 3 is just around the corner.... (is this Peter Parker & MJ favourate's hang out place??)Isn't this beautiful?

If you are late... you will miss it!
Unwilling to accept the defeat, the 3rd party waiting for his chance. Mmm... this has been Ron's favourate topic. Check out more actions at his site.The stick insect landed on Ron's hand.

When it is not moving, it looks more like a Halfbeak fish than insect.

If you look carefully, is a crushed turtle that attracted so many flies. Most probably killed by passing traffic.

This is the plant that produced the seed with heart shape on it. It is called Balloon vine or Heart pea.

One of the 'landmark' of Khatib Bongsu - the wooden bridge

How long will this machine be abled to continue bringing fresh air to the fish in the pond?...I really don't know. sigh ....

Another beautiful kampung vanishing soon, where do we go from here???

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