Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Sarimbun - The Next Episode

As promised, this is the next episode of The Invasion of The Red Army. This is also my first trip that need to break up my posting to few episode....

This is a good sign - that means Sarimbun is very much a live that I got so much things to write and tell.

While I happily counting the number of species of fiddler crab, here's come the invasion from the sky!!!

Target locked on...


Mission accomplished

Return to base
This looks like a Brahminy Kite that normally scavenging on waste and food thrown from boats. The bird also hunts for small mammals and fish for food.

Grey Heron waiting for fish to swim within his range

Common Sandpiper (Actitis hypoleucos) using it's bill to probe the sand for molluscs and worms

Another sign of the rich biodiversity

Can even find dragonfly on the sandy beach

Another beautiful bug

A beautiful Batik Golden Web Spider

Sarimbun indeed is another good place to explore.... there are few ecosystem that awaiting for you to slowly explore. Sandy beach, mud flat, mangroves and many more. In fact, my earlier post on Sunbird building nest are taken here too. If you not sure where is Sarimbun, just look for Jalan Bahtera from street directory. There are one whole stretch of adventure camp, JBAC of MOE, Scout Camp, Serene Camp....

I have more photo taken at Sarimbun here.

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